Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic stretching™ is a 30-day digital flexibility plan created by former computer programmer Alex Larsson.

The program includes access to 21 exercise videos. According to the official website, you should perform each exercise for about 8 minutes a day to see results.

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Meet the Author - Alex Larsson

Alex Larsson

A former computer programmer, Hyperbolic Stretching author Alex Larsson used to spend more than 10 hours at a desk nearly every day. After a particularly long workday, he experienced a complete neuro-muscular shutdown of his lower back, hips and thighs. His movement was so hindered that he simply couldn't get out of his chair.

This event took him on a journey of recovery that involved extensive research into the science of stretching, exercise, and physical fitness. He ultimately emerged as a full-time professional flexibility and core strength expert and a master of hyperbolic stretching.

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"Bad hip & tight hams gone! I felt instant relief and progress from the very first session."

Alisa D., 84
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"This method gave me more flexibility in just 4 weeks than 1 years of stretching on my own."

Gavin D., 44
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"After the first session, my bad hip was gone. It's totally worth it. The guy is GOOD."

Patsy T., 72

What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching Results

The Hyperbolic Stretching Program is one of the most advanced fitness programs that enhance your fitness, durability, strength, and performance potential in just 4 weeks.

The Hyperbolic Stretching Program is available in two different versions: male and female. The Hyperbolic Stretching program enhances your fitness level and unleashes your maximum potential.

The program teaches individuals to use stretching to achieve maximum flexibility and muscle elasticity. Stretching renders great performance and muscle strength. Stretching is done best before or after a workout. Stretching offers innumerable benefits.

It helps you to avoid injury and helps in recovery. The success of the digital program depends on how well you execute these 8-minute exercises. If you perform these exercises consistently, you can achieve your fitness targets. Hyperbolic Stretching boosts your energy and ability to burn stubborn fat.

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Works?

The secret to Hyperbolic Stretching lies in the development of the pelvic muscle floor. Most people are unable to achieve full range of motion and reach their optimum level of flexibility due to a natural "survival reflex"​ that causes muscles to automatically contract when stretched.

By targeting the pelvic muscles with the special isolation exercises detailed in Hyperbolic Stretching, you can, in effect, switch off this automatic tension reflex and open a whole new world of muscle elasticity.

Hyperbolic Stretching can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles in shorter time than conventional stretching regimen. To date, thousands of people have benefited from this effective program.

By learning the 8-minute flexibility trick,you will be able to do high kicks and split easily. Plus, your muscles will get stronger, not weaker compare to conventional methods of stretching.

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What is Inside Hyperbolic Stretching™

  • Incorporate a full-body flexibility regimen into your routine that will keep you flexible for the rest of your life.
  • Learn an effective muscle warm-up routine that will maximize your muscle strength and competitive performance.
  • Improve overall flexibility by stretching for just six minutes per week.
  • Master a 3-second muscle contraction technique that will allow you drop into full splits, kick higher or strike advanced yoga poses.
  • Leverage improved flexibility to enhance physical skills, athletic training, and daily living.
  • Learn a shortened stretching routine that even the busiest of people can use in the gym, at home, or wherever they happen to be.
  • Discover the tricks to quadrupling core strength and overall vitality.
  • Discover the secret to increasing your muscle elasticity.
  • Discover the secret to unleashing your full flexibility capabilities.
  • Avoid the single mistake that even experienced athletes make while stretching for static/dynamic flexibility.
  • Precisely estimate the number of days you will need to drop into those full splits.
60 day money back guarantee
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take a full two month to try this out for yourself and if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your results, simply send an email to the address we give you on the instant download page and we will refund you the full amount with no questions asked.

Hyperbolic Stretching Program - Bonuses


Bonus #1 - Full Side Split Video Series (Worth $49)

This program uses special no-equipment home routines. Anyone can learn full side split, open and relieve hips, and power up pelvic strength using this program. Discover the little-known secret that makes you flexible, giving you control over the most difficult moves.

Bonus #2 - Full Front Split Video Series (Worth $49)

Make your hamstrings and hip flexors fully elastic while increasing their strength and power at the same time. Perfect for complete beginners and advanced practitioners, this science-based routine will also help you relieve your back, boost lower body strength and improve your body posture.

Bonus #3 - Dynamic Flexibility And Stretching (Worth $49)

Implement this highly effective stretching routine into your training regimen to improve power, strength and gain full lower body elasticity for dancing techniques or explosive 180-degree split kicks. Discover why dynamic flexibility improves blood circulation, maximize range of movement and accelerate your kicking speed.

Bonus #4 - Complete Upper Body Stretching (Worth $49)

This complete upper body stretching routine is suitable for beginners and advanced weightlifters who need to regain lost flexibility or rehabilitate from training injury. Discover how to effectively improve flexibility of your shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and upper back muscles using safe and incremental approach.

Bonus #5 - Pike Mastery (Worth $49)

This complex stretching position can increase flexibility of lower back, glutes and hamstrings from different angle. Discover why people who can actually do full front splits are often unable to do a full pike and how to achieve this position in the shortest amount of time.

Bonus #6 - Easy Bridge (Worth $49)

Effective for adults of all age categories and body types, this progressive stretching method improves shoulder mobility and strength, powers up your lower back and makes your abdominal muscles strong and flexible. Ability to do a full bridge also helps improve kicking and dancing techniques, relieving spinal tension along the way.

Limited Time Special Pricing - Act Now!

One-Time Payment for Lifetime Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

A new way to achieve full body flexibility, Hyperbolic Stretching works by isolating and strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor. If you want more elastic muscles, greater range of motion, and increased physical speed, power, and agility, this is the guide for you!

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from Hyperbolic Stretching. Just make sure that you let any injuries to muscles or connective tissue heal completely before beginning the Hyperbolic Stretching regimen.

Employing the respected global retailer Clickbank as payment processor, the Hyperbolic Stretching payment system is 100% secure. Absolutely no outside party will have access to your personal information.

Unlike getting a gym membership or working with a private personal trainer, there are no recurring charges associated with the Hyperbolic Stretching program. You will only pay once and the product is yours.

Within a few minutes of ordering Hyperbolic Stretching you’ll receive a download link in your email inbox. By clicking on this link, you will be able to view the entire Hyperbolic Stretching guidebook on your computer or any portable digital device.

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